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Disabled Persons Alarm
The Hark Help and Assistance Response Kit is simple to install
and provides peace of mind wherever an indication of ‘assistance
required’ is called for. Meeting the BS Standard requirement for
all disabled toilets to be fitted with an emergency toilet alarm.
Available in kit solutions finished in white or stainless steel, to
fit discreetly into any decor or environment.
The unit benefits from a reassuring audible sound from within
the reset unit which confirms that assistance is on the way in
addition the unit has braille text.
HARK Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit
Only 3 points to install on a standard system, and can be
simply linked and expanded to other systems
Simple to expand as requirements increase
Kits supplied with Twin pull cord rings, Braille text on the
reset unit as well as a Disabled Persons sticker
Multi-way remote indicator units available
Assists in compliance with the DDA, BS8300 & other
care standards
Suitable for commercial and public buildings as well as
specialist areas such as hospitals, restaurants, nursing and
retirement homes
Order Code
Complete Kit
with Pullcord, Reset, PSU/Indicator
Stainless Steel Option + Battery Backup*
Push Button
Additional Pullcord
Additional Pullcord - Stainless Steel
Reset Unit
Reset Unit - Stainless Steel
Power Supply Unit
Power Supply Unit - Stainless Steel
Additional 1-11 Way Indicator Unit**
*Battery included
**Insert 1 to 11 depending on no. of ways required, e.g. for a
4 Way Indicator Unit N/HARK/RI/
. Stainless Steel options
available, add
to Order Code, e.g. N/HARK/RI/4/
Indicator Units
The Indicator Units are simple
to install and meet the BS
requirement for all disabled
toilets to be fitted with an
emergency toilet alarm. These
units can be purchased as
either 1 or up to 11 indicators
and come finished in either
White Polycarbonate or
Stainless Steel.
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