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Voltage Optimisation
Voltage Optimisation is a well-established, proven technology which is based on using
transformers. Although appliances will cope with a high voltage supply, voltage optimisation
reduces excess supply voltage to match the ideal operating level, enabling them to run
more efficiently, reducing wasted energy & saving money.
By installing a Voltis unit, voltage will typically be reduced to around 218Volts, ensuring
all appliances and circuits run perfectly well. Electricity bills are significantly lower and
appliances will have a longer life span.
Single Phase Voltage Optimisation
Voltis Home & Voltis 100Amp
Offering excellent savings on electricity costs, Voltis Home & Voltis 100Amp reduce
incoming voltage in the home or small commercial facilities with single phase loads of up
to 60Amps or 100Amps respectively.
Reduces energy usage & carbon footprint
Increases the life of appliances
Automatic bypass as standard
Order Code
Voltis Home 60A Continuous
(100A in Bypass/Mains)
Voltis 100A
Dimensions (mm)
W: 375 x H: 200 x D: 90
W: 420 x H: 360 x D: 195
Weight (kg)
Three Phase Voltage Optimisation
Voltis ECO
Voltis ECO is suited to sites where a basic voltage reduction is required and uses a multi-
tap transformer approach. The settings on the unit can be changed at any time should
mains voltage levels change significantly at any point in the future which gives the site
some future proofing benefits.
Tappings can be adjusted if mains voltage changes
No moving parts – requires no maintenance
Simple “no frills” solution, fast payback and quick installation
Order Code
100A 3 Phase
200A 3 Phase
300A 3 Phase
400A 3 Phase
Dimensions (mm)
W: 435 x H: 600 x D: 275
W: 540 x H: 850 x D: 420
W: 590 x H: 1200 x D: 460
W: 720 x H: 1300 x D: 460
Weight (kg)
Voltis PRO
Ideal for larger commercial premises with a three phase supply, Voltis PRO units are
available from 100-400Amps to intelligently control electricity supply and demand.
Future proof – tappings can be adjusted if mains voltage changes
Neutral switch automatic bypass to provide optimal savings and peace of mind on
improved supply integrity
Will automatically adjust to supply and demand changes to maximise savings
Extensive performance data available via integral meter
Order Code
100A 3 Phase
200A 3 Phase
300A 3 Phase
400A 3 Phase
Dimensions (mm)
W: 800 x H: 500 x D: 350
W: 1000 x H: 500 x D: 350
W: 1000 x H: 600 x D: 450
W: 1200 x H: 700 x D: 450
Weight (kg)
Boiler Management
Marshall-Tufflex’s boiler management units are an intelligent way of controlling the cycles
of domestic and commercial boilers, reducing unnecessary boiler firing (dry cycling) and
by doing so typically reduces the annual fuel cost of running a boiler by 20%*.
The units are compatible with mains gas, LPG and oil boilers, using a unique variable
thermal response program and electronic sensors to intelligently manage boilers, maximising
efficiency while ensuring the demand on the heating system is met in full.
Reduce energy and save money without compromising heating or hot water provision
Typical payback within 2-3 years
‘Plus’ version with external weather sensor for greater savings
Order Code
Domestic Boiler Management
Domestic Boiler Management Plus
Commercial Boiler Management
Commercial Boiler Management Plus
Dimensions (mm)
W: 177 x H: 120 x D: 37
W: 177 x H: 120 x D: 37
W: 180 x H: 180 x D: 63
W: 180 x H: 180 x D: 63
* Subject to boiler usage pattern.
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