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Ventilation Accessories
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Mix and Match, “Oval or Round” = No loss of Performance
A quick and easy to fit system of semi-rigid ducting that can result in up to 70% time saving
during the on-site installation process, compared to rigid or spiral duct types.
This innovative system uses low resistance and antibacterial smooth round and oval tubes
which connect each room to the heat recovery or ventilation unit via an air distribution box.
The Airflex Pro Oval ducting is designed to equal the Hydraulic Performance of Airflex Pro
Round so both types can be used within the same system without a loss of performance.
Semi rigid ducting without joints performance data is now recognised by the U.K Government
as an input for Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations via Appendix Q.
Zero leakage ensures highest performance
Award winner
70% time saving on installation
Interchangeable ducting system (75mm round / 51mm x 114mm oval)
without any hydraulic pressure loss
Compact, suits narrow joists and low ceiling voids
Durable with high crushability (16 kN/m²)
Easy cleaning
Smooth bore with antistatic and antibacterial lining
Order Code
Oval Ducting - 20m Coil
Round Ducting - 50m Coil
Dimensions (mm)
51 x 114
Ø: 75
Duplexvent Basic Line
A range of compact, entry level mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery designed
for social housing, private sector apartment blocks and terraced houses. The units provide
high efficiency, low power consumption and low noise balanced ventilation solutions which
help meet current Building Regulations.
Over 90% thermal efficiency and low SFP
Compact and lightweight enable one-man installation
Easy maintenance via filter access windows
Automatic frost protection and 100% summer bypass
Can be installed on the wall, under the ceiling or on the floor
Simple manual switch as standard. Optional digital control with advanced features
Duplexvent Professional Line
A range of Passive House Institute certified heat recovery units designed for private and
social family houses which combine high performance with premium quality. Available with
unique triple filter and digital control, these units ensure air comfort with advanced control
functions such as automatic 100% summer bypass and smart frost heater.
Galvanised steel, double skin casing
Triple filter design with F7 pollen filter
Over 90% thermal efficiency and low SFP
New smart frost protection heater
Built-in electric post-heater
Automatic, 100% summer bypass
Auto cut-out switch for extra safety
Eight speed digital control and BMS (LON / KNX) connection
SAP Appendix Q eligible and PASSIVE HOUSE Institute certified
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