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High Bay / Low Bay Fittings
Albeo™ LED Luminaires
for high and low-bay environments
Albeo™ LED luminaires are built on a modular and scaleable
platform designed for customization. Its modularity lets you
choose the ideal number of light modules, lens type, power
source, colour temperature, CRI, mounting configuration and
integrated controls, while also making repairs simpler and future
upgrades easier if the need arises. Albeo’s™ scalability offers
a range of options - from 7,500 to 33,000 lumens per luminaire,
reducing the number of luminaires needed to light your space.
You’ll save on upfront luminaire and installation costs, plus the
cost for ongoing maintenance and energy over time.
A smart choice. Albeo™ LED Luminaires are 30 to 65 percent
more energy efficient than fluorescent and HID systems, and
deliver a brighter, whiter light with less wattage, less
maintenance and less waste.
1, 2, 3 and 4 modules
Light packages available from 7,500 to 33,000 lumens
Choice of 4000K or 5000K colour temperature
Choice of 70 or 80 CRI
Precision lenses:
- 20°, 30°, 40°, 80°, 120°
- Chain/cable
Mounting height up to 20 metres
Energy-saving control options:
- Motion and occupancy sensors
- Wireless control and reporting
- Dimming
- Daylight harvesting
5-year limited system warranty
Visually appealing light 80 CRI
Minimal glare
Provides strong horizontal and vertical illuminance
Available in 1200mm and 2400mm versions
Available for use as ‘stand alone’ luminaires or continuous
rows with simple mechanical snap-fix and plug & socket
through wiring
Energy efficient (104-111 lumens per watt)
Long rated life & low maintenance: 65,000-hour Life
Standard dimming control: DALI & 1-10V
5-year limited warranty
Lumination™ IS Series
for low-bay ceiling applications
Lumination™ LED luminaires - IS Series are designed to deliver
efficient lighting for commercial applications. These efficient
lighting fixtures have a long life and deliver a remarkably efficient
104-111 lumens per watt allowing for lower maintenance and
operating costs.
Lumination™ Suspended
1200mm x 300mm
This 1200mm x 300mm luminaire showcases everything that’s
innovative and exciting about Lumination™. Suspended from
the ceiling, this strikingly beautiful luminaire combines brilliant
aesthetics with space-filling light, all contained within a premium-
quality aluminium. And when it’s switched off, clear lens means
there’s no visible light source.
Lumination™ EL Series
Excellent LED performance
The launch of the second generation of this unique and highly
successful luminaire continues to broaden its appeal. Sleek, slim
and transparent when switched off, it delivers an exceptionally
bright, uniform white light both vertically and horizontally, for
best-ever performance and outstanding design flexibility.
Available in track mounting or suspended versions, suitable
for individual or continuous mounting
2 different lengths to suit applications
Transparent when off - creating less visual clutter in the
Puts light primarily on to vertical surfaces, the primary
selling surface of Food retailing
Great 360 degree distribution, meaning with ‘with aisle’ or
‘cross aisle’ lighting are both available to the customer
High lumen and low lumen versions
Digital dimming (DALI) and analogue dimming (1-10V)
available as standard
Capable of being linked to sensors and controlled in
conjunction with natural light
Contact your local branch for details
AChoice of DesignAesthetic and Superior performances
A Uniform illuminating surface: no LED “dots”
Enhanced visual performance
Enhanced emotional light experience
Direct and Indirect Light
Long life (50,000hrs @ L85)
76lm/W delivered at 4000K
Fully dimmable as standard (1-10V or DALI)
Rohs Compliant, mercury free
Contact your local branch for details
Contact your local branch for details
Contact your local branch for details
Suspended Luminaires
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