Maidstone and Lymington trade days

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Maidstone and Lymington trade days

This month has seen our Maidstone and Lymington branch host well attended trade days at their bracnhes. Lymigton branch held an excellent trade morning on the 11th of September with lots of suppliers and plenty of customers making sure they didnt miss their annual event. 

Maidstone also had a trade day and took the opportunity to invite LED suppliers Ansell, Meggaman and Sunpower along to help support their Fish and 'LED' chips event. Another great idea which seemed a great hit with the well attending customers.

On the 30th september Midsomer Norton will have the opportunity to host a similar event. The afternoon event, which will be held at the Centurion Hotel in Radstock, will take place between 2pm and 6pm and will give exisiting and new customers an opportunity to meet suppliers, have a bite to eat and even have a round of golf at the hotel if they fancy. For information on the day please call Alan Gillett at Midsomer Norton on 01761 414410.    


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